Albert Satorra

Professor of Statistics


Research Areas:

Multivariate Analysis, Structural Equation Models, Small Area Estimation, Applied Statistics

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Recent research articles:

  • Oller, J.M., Satorra, A., and A. Tobeña (2023), Hibernation of Secession Tensions in Catalonia: Attenuation Trends on Antagonistic Alignments. Genealogy 7 :36. open access
  • Oller, J.M., Satorra, A., and A. Tobeña (2021), Parochial Linguistic Education: Patterns of an Enduring Friction within a Divided Catalonia, Genealogy 5 , 77,, open access
  • Nicodemo, C. & A. Satorra (2020), Exploratory data analysis on large data sets: The example of salary variation in Spanish Social Security Data, Business Research Quarterly Section: Methodological Insight, open access
  • Oller, J.M., Satorra, A., and A. Tobeña (2020), Privileged Rebels: A Longitudinal Analysis of Distinctive Economic Traits of Catalonian Secessionism, Genealogy 4 , 19,, open access
  • Oller, J.M., Satorra, A., and A. Tobeña (2019) Unveiling pathways for the fissure among secessionists and unionists in Catalonia: identities, family language, and media influence. Palgrave Commun 5, 148 (2019) doi:10.1057/s41599-019-0357-z, open access
  • Carrizosa, E., V. Guerrero, D. Romero Morales & A. Satorra (2019) Enhancing Interpretability in Factor Analysis by Means of Mathematical Optimization, Multivariate Behavioral Research (in press), DOI: 10.1080/00273171.2019.1677208
  • Willem E. Saris & Albert Satorra (2019) Comparing BSEM and EUPD Estimates for Two-Group SB-MTMM Experiments, Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 26 :5, 745-749, DOI: 10.1080/10705511.2019.1576046
  • Oller, J. M., Satorra, A., and A. Tobeña (2019). Secessionists vs. Unionists in Catalonia: Mood, Emotional Profiles and Beliefs about Secession Perspectives in Two Confronted Commun- ities. Psychology, 10, 336-357. open access
  • Bou, J.C. & A. Satorra (2018), "Multivariate exploratory data analysis for large databases: An application to modelling firms innovation using CIS data", BRQ Bus. Res. Q. 2018 open access
  • Saris, A. & A. Satorra (2018), "The Pooled Data Approach for the Estimation of Split-Ballot Multitrait-Multimethod Experiments", Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal,25, pp. 659-672
    online first DOI: 10.1080/10705511.2018.1431543
  • Bou, J.C. and A. Satorra (2018) Univariate Versus Multivariate Modeling of Panel Data: Model Specification and Goodness-of-Fit Testing, Organizational Research Methods, 21 , 150-196
  • Oller, JM and A. Satorra (2017) Toward an index of political toxicity, BEIO, 33, No.2, pp. 163-182. open access
  • Satorra, Albert & Salvador-Coderch, Pablo (2016), Probabilidad, estadística, grandes bases de datos y abogacía (Probability, Statistics, Big Data Base and Law) (April 2016). InDret, Vol. 2, open access
  • Jennrich, B. and A. Satorra (2016), "The infinitesimal jackknife and moment structure analysis using higher order moments" Psychometrika, 81, 90-101
  • Satorra, A. and H. Neudecker (2015). "A Theorem on the Rank of a Product of Matrices with Illustration of Its Use in Goodness of Fit Testing" Psychometrika, 80, pp. 938-948.
  • Ventura, E., and A. Satorra (2015), "A multiple indicator model for panel data: An application to ICT area- level variation", Telecommunications Policy, 39 (10) :830-847
  • Jennrich, B. and A. Satorra (2015), "The Infinitesimal Jackknife and Analysis of Higher Order Moments" In L. A. van der Ark, D. M. Bolt, W.-C. Wang, J.A. Douglas, S-M. Chow (edts.) Quantitative Psychology Research: The 79th Annual Meeting of the Psychometric Society, Madison, Wisconsin, 2014 (pp. 223-231), Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
  • Satorra, A. (2015). A comment on a paper by H. Wu and M.W. Browne (2014), Psychometrika, 80 pp. 613-618. doi: 10.1007/s11336-015-9455-z
  • Jennrich, B. and A. Satorra (2014), "The Nonsingularity of Gamma in Covariance Structure Analysis of Nonnormal Data" Psychometrika, 79 51-59
  • Satorra, A. and P.M. Bentler (2013), "A Longitudinal Model for Repeated Cross Sectional Data with Clustering" Proceedings of the JSM 2013 - Business and Economic Statistics Section} , pp. 3297-3311, American Statistical Association, Alexandria, VA 22314-1943
  • Oberski, D.L. and A. Satorra (2013), `Measurement error models with uncertainty about the error variance'' Structural Equation Modeling, 20 409-428
  • Jennrich, B. and A. Satorra (2013), Continuous orthogonal complement functions and distribution-free goodness of fit tests in moment structure analysis, Psychometrika, 78 545- 552
  • Fred B. Bryant and A. Satorra (2012) Principles and Practice of Scaled Difference Chi-Square Testing, Structural Equation Modeling, 19 , pp. 372-398 . See also Bryant's Excel-macro for computing scaled difference testing with LISREL 8
  • Mooijaart, A. and A. Satorra (2012), "Moment testing for interaction terms in structural equation modeling'', Psychometrika, 77 pp. 65-84 manuscript
  • Mair, P., A. Satorra, and P.M. Bentler (2012) ``Generating Nonnormal Multivariate Data Using Copulas: Applications to SEM'', " Multivariate Behavioral Research, 47:4 , 547-565.
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  • Jennrich, J. and A. Satorra (2011), "Semi-parametric chi-square testing in mean structure and covariance structure analysis using projections", UCLA Department of Statistics Papers, Preprint #: 623 620. manuscript
  • Mooijaart, A. and A. Satorra (2011), "MM versus ML estimates of structural equation models with interaction terms: robustness to non-normality of the consistency property", UCLA Department of Statistics Papers, Preprint #: 620. manuscript
  • Bosch-Domènech, A. , J. García-Montalvo and R. Nagel, and A. Satorra (2010), "A Finite Mixture Analysis of Beauty-Contest Data Using Generalized Beta Distributions" Experimental Economics, 13, (4) 461-475
  • Bou, J. C. and A. Satorra (2010), Variation of firm profitability across EU countries: a multi-group structural equation approach, Organizational Research Methods, 13(4) , 738-766
  • Satorra, A. and P M. Bentler (2010) "Ensuring Positiveness of the Scaled Difference Chi-square Test Statistic" Psychometrika, 75 (2), 243-248.
  • Bentler, P.M. and A. Satorra (2010) "Testing Model Nesting and Equivalence" Psychological Methods, 15 , (2), pp. 111-123.
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  • Bentler, P.M., A. Satorra and K.-H. Yuan (2009), Smoking and Cancers: Case-robust Analysis of a Classical Data Set, Structural Equation Modeling, 16, pp. 382-390
  • Bou, J.C. and A. Satorra (2007), The Persistence of Abnormal Returns at Industry and Firm Levels: Evidence from Spain, Strategic Management Journal, 28(7): 707-722,

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